Yuriña ~○~
(Messenger of the source)
“You are the wanderer of the stars, and in your heart is contained the divinity that creates all reality. In your being dwells the message of the infinite creation, the limitless inspiration.

You are infinite love… Your spirit overflows like a bird of galaxies that flies free in the vastness of the sea of the cosmos.

***Magical pendant made with sterling silver, Labradorites (blue and white) and Onix stone

Entirely handmade with Love

Properties of the Labradorite stone

Deep grounding, psychic protection, deep dream visions, creativity.

This stone is used to strengthen contact with the Earth, experience the light in matter, and find information forgotten in the old memories of the Earth that we also carry in our cells. It favors intuition, depth of feelings, and mediumistic gifts.

Properties of the Onix stone

Confidence, strength, courage, serenity, grounding, positive thoughts.

Its resonance with the heart chakra helps strengthen feelings of love, sincerity, compassion, and forgiveness, which provides a sweet sense of joy, inner peace, and serenity.

Physically, Onyx is a powerful stone that helps strengthen the immune system and facilitates speech and communication. Wearing an onyx stone helps to eliminate accumulated toxins in the body faster.

Properties of the White labradorite

Conflict harmonization, empathy, feminine resonance, intuitive guidance, non-verbal communication.

White Labradorite is an excellent support when you want to cleanse and clarify an inner landscape full of emotions from the past.

The blue and rainbow colour shows us our multidimensional potentialities, and its clear background indicates the clarity we can achieve if we accept its guidance. Its delicate nuances can take us on a journey to discover a very subtle world, endowed with a lunar and feminine imprint.






Poids 30 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1.5 cm


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