Sterling silver and brass pendant, with and african turquoise, a black star diopside and a peristerite (white labradorite) stones, natural feathers

Entirely handmade with Love

Properties of the african turquoise

Stone of evolution that helps to accept change and guide you on the path you need to take.

Provides the confidence and balance necessary to continue on your personal journey and helps to adopt an optimistic outlook on life.

Encourages acceptance of oneself as you are and being more tolerant of yourself and others.

Properties of the peristerite

Harmonization of conflicts, empathy, feminine resonance, intuitive guidance, non-verbal communication.

The energy it provides promotes vibrational information from the realms of intuition, inner vision and the past (it connects the front turquoise chakra and the rear 6th chakra, creating an energetic diagonal). This flood of memories from the past or from other dimensions is actualized and made conscious in the present.
White labradorite is thus an excellent medium when one wishes to brighten up an interior landscape cluttered with emotions of the past. The aluminum and silicon it contains stimulate the opening of the back 6th chakra while sodium and calcium soothe and install emotion in a harmonious and serene present.
The color blue and rainbow shows us our multidimensional potentialities, and its light background indicates the clarity we can achieve if we accept it to guide us. Its fine nuances can take us on a journey to discover a very subtle world, endowed with a lunar and feminine imprint, a secret space that can reveal keys to us to approach unsuspected dimensions.
To rediscover its feminine and mysterious aspect, to reclaim its sensitive and intuitive space, for women whose yang energy is too strong and wish to rebalance the two polarities, to establish a connection between intuition and expression.
Promotes arousal and improves sensory capacity. Regulates the hormonal cycle, restores body sensation and helps with menstrual disturbances.




Poids 32.2 g
Dimensions 13 × 5.5 cm


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