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Medicine jewelry


Medicine jewelry


Nairy Arte, collaborative artistic project between Eliz'art and Manu Menendez

An artistic project created by Wayna (Eliz’art) and Awen (Manú Menéndez) that integrates the art of jewellery, design and sacred symbols. Seeking the link between the artistic work and the people, each piece is created with the intention of reconnecting with the purpose of life, the innocence that lives in every being. By seeing and wearing a Nairy jewel, each person can remember his true essence.

Alchemy is at the heart of the Nairy project. Each work represents reciprocity, duality and harmonious balance. For the creation of each jewel, the creative process combines in perfect symbiosis different elements such as metals (silver, copper and brass), fine stones, natural feathers but also symbols of sacred geometry. Nature is an important source of inspiration.

"Sataña" pendant made by Nairy (Manù Menendez Art and Eliz'art). Sterling silver, brass, african turquoise, peristeriste and black star diopside. Healing amulet, sacred geometry and lithotherapy

The Nairy project was born from the continuous exchange of energy, worldview and perspectives between the artists, Awen (Manú Menéndez) et Wayna (Eliz'art). The pieces produced as part of the project reflect the information received and then materialized through art, an manifestation of the relationship that exists between each being and the Universe. Each piece has a unique purpose and meaning.

Alchemy, the science of balance

“Alchemy, in metaphysical and mythological traditions, was no more important than the dance that celebrated the sanctity of
rhythm, “homologized” the adoring round of the stars that of the dancers and “transmuted” in the sudden immobility o
f the body time, lead sleep, in pure gold of a moment of eternity.”
 (Maurice Aniane, Notes on Alchemy, 1956)

The alchemist is one who integrates the presence of the invisible, contemplates and creates reality from the imaginary and cosmic worlds on the material level, maintains the memory that any experience in this dimension is spiritual, balancing its axis between matter and the intangible, to dissolve any separation created by the mind.

The Nairy project is born of the desire to connect with the alchemist that exists in each of us, reminding us that the real work of art is life itself. By contemplating each of the models created, it is possible to resonate with and reintegrate a certain ancient memory, namely that each human being is part of this harmonious balance, between the feminine and the masculine, between light and shadow... The power of intuition is emphasized, as is the fact that we can manifest a certain reality, the unity between the I and the All.
Nairy jewelry emphasizes the authentic nature of the human spirit.

We walk on this path of creation and inspiration set up by our ancestors using different elements offered by Nature such as fine stones, wood, feathers, etc. They are guides and messengers, symbolizing the Moon, the Sun, the stars, the hills and mountains, the fire and the desert, the rivers and the seas …