Harmonious reciprocity

Gateway to Reciprocity and exchanges of the Spirit, of the Heart. Aram is the Key of Wisdom that shows us the Balance between Giving and Receiving. As above so below, as within so without. Matter and spirit in unity .

Sterling Silver and chrysocollas


Unique being-jewels made with Love


Properties of the chrysocolla

Keywords: free expression of feelings, emotional spontaneity, transmutation of conflicting emotions, empathy, non-verbal communication.

The Chrysocolla is in strong resonance with the turquoise chakra.
Its vibratory signature is marked by the copper which composes more than 35% and gives it its turquoise blue-green color. It is information of density and movement that brings about the action of Chrysocolla on a physical plane and of deep energy. The turquoise chakra, which is our emotional sensor, is here supported by the force of copper.

It is a stone that invites us to internalize ourselves by listening deeply to our energetic/emotional state, before stimulating our development in lightness, in order to perceive the subtle world.
It is thus a very beautiful healing stone, it gives access to repressed emotions, a powerful ray coming from the heart indicates to us the forgotten paths, voluntarily or not, of feelings and resentments in order to give us the opportunity to release them and to alleviate our evolving awareness.
Sometimes, during Chrysocolla meditations, it is possible to have the impression to find areas of tension in our body or to notice old wounds resurfacing in the consciousness. These are old conflicting emotions, emotional wounds that we have kept and often hidden, but which remain active in the subconscious. Working with a Chrysocolla can bring back those emotional residues which can allow us to realize that these past emotions no longer have to affect us and that we can completely let go of them with confidence. Once the turquoise chakra is freed from tensions, we can regain an open and relaxed attitude both with ourselves and with others, an unsuspecting relational spontaneity, open to understanding and dialogue.

It is a very popular stone in meditation and lithotherapy, because it brings the peace that each individual needs to progress in their daily life. It soothes wounds to the heart and allows you to quickly regain self-confidence, drawing directly on your inner strength.

The Chrysocolla allows you to become aware of your wounds, to welcome and transmute them in order to live in harmony with yourself, to love and respect yourself. It is a stone of great softness that realigns the senses and their perception of themselves, of their being.
No longer in touch with the stored emotions and past wounds, it allows you to regain your ambition, to feel alive and to fully take your place by becoming the powerful being that you are, to shine with all your light. It is thus a transition stone, allowing you to go from a state that may be stagnant or confused, to a state where the being that you are fully manifests itself in order to carry out an ambitious project, for which you came to Earth.
The Chrysocolla thus orientates on the direction, the positioning in its life. If it is not crystal clear and aligned, it will orient and guide towards this desire to be and to shine, without any pretension, just because it is right for you and the rest of the world. Each of us is in his right place, each is unique.

Poids 18.4 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 2 × 0.5 cm


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