Dar’Amahj ~○~
(Vuelo Armónico)
Inspiration is always available and accessible to all. It is an infinite energy that springs from the source of being, from the divinity that we are. To be inspired is to be in harmony and alignment with the great spirit that we are. Embrace your true nature and become a bridge, an instrument of the source of love that we are.
Silver, brass and labradorite stone
(sold without chain)

Entirely handmade with Love

Properties of the Labradorite stone

Deep grounding, psychic protection, deep dream visions, creativity.

This stone is used to strengthen contact with the Earth, experience the light in matter, and find information forgotten in the old memories of the Earth that we also carry in our cells. It favors intuition, depth of feelings, and mediumistic gifts.





Poids 15 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 cm


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